terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009

On line players of role playing game World of Warcraft are more likely to spend their whole lives as virgins compared to normal people who interact in the real world. They are also twice as likely to die while masturbating.

Research conducted by scientists at the Institute of Oxbridge University in London studied 100 members of the online gaming community.

Professor Sax Saxby said "95% were virgins and all over the age of 21 - it was startling - I mean these people simply had no interest in forming relationships outside of their alter egos in the pretend world. It is very sad."

As many of these players are virgins they turn to self abuse and masturbation for sexual gratification which in turn leads to a higher percentage of deaths during the act.

"We found that 75% of all deaths that occur during the act of masturbation are players of online games, specifically World of Warcraft" said Saxby.

Second Hand computer shop owner Dan Saxby (no relation) agrees it is a problem. "I am always prepared when someone drops in a secondhand computer or laptop from a World of Warcraft wanker who has passed away - they need a good clean - I use Windex" he said smiling.

Thousands of fans dressed in costume queued overnight in central London to be the first to get their hands on the latest chapter in the saga, an update called Wrath of the Lich King - several hadn't seen the light of day for months and three were arrested for wanking.

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